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Welcome to Starflower Eco Farm!

We are an Off Grid Permaculture Homestead in Northern Arizona.

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About Dave & Nicole

Hi! We are Dave & Nicole!

We have been living off grid building our farm for the last 2.5 years! Our farm is 47 acres in the remote High Desert surrounded by a Juniper forest.

We practice permaculture design & land stewardship. In the last couple years we've installed roof top rainwater harvesting & Earthworks.

We built a huge barn for our female alpacas and we recently built an Earthen barn for our juveniles!

We have also grown our 
Alpaca herd to be one of the nicest large herds in the Southwest!

 AND we've done it all on our own!

Just us and the alpacas!

IMG_9752 2.heic

We also hand process all the alpaca fleece ourselves through closed loops by re-intregating wastes as resources in the Garden.

In 2022 we harvested 200lbs of fleece & in 2023 we harvested 300lbs!

We transform all the fleece into wearable art everyday through the ancient technique of felt making

Felt hats, shawls, hoods, ponchos, tapestries, wrist warmers, collars etc! 

We are so excited to start sharing more of our world with you!

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