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Welcome to Starflower Eco Farm!

We are an Off Grid Homestead in the remote High Desert of Arizona.

We harvest sustainable wealth through Self-Reliance & Natural Resources.

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Nicole & Dave met in 2021 and got married exactly 1 year later to the day! Together they

steward 47 acres at 6,100ft elevation in Havasupai Territory, Northern, AZ. They are located

within a rich juniper forest full of resources, surrounded by wildlife & clear skies for miles &

miles. Before Nicole & Dave got married they agreed that every decision they make on their

farm would be in the Highest Good of the Land & Animals.


Nicole is certified in Permaculture Design by Earth Activist Training Organization. She comes

from a background as a Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher & an Evolutionary Astrologer.


Dave has always been drawn to self reliance & has spent his life developing a diverse &

valuable skill set. He is a gifted Builder & Carpenter, who’s mechanically inclined & can fix just

about anything! He comes from a background as a Commercial Landscape Contractor & a

former Yoga Studio Owner.


Together these two are stronger than ever & their vision is coming more to life everyday!

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